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    Thank you for stopping by, You have found the home of Dale & Ruthann Snyder & Mountain Peak Mastiffs. We
are located in Colorful Colorado 30 min east of the Rocky Mountains, from our front yard  we can see the
beautiful Mountain Peaks. We have 4 children, 6 grand children and are owned by 2 mastiffs.  We have been
involved with mastiffs since 1996, which is not long compared to some, but we are dedicated to the betterment of
the breed and the life long satisfaction of any potential owners. We only breed selectively as our goal is to
produce healthy, happy, temperamentally sound puppies. Quality in more important then Quantity.
This giant noble breed is not for everyone so please do your research before entering into the life of a mastiff.
If you find the mastiff is right for you then you will have a gained a loving loyal companion for life. Please feel
free to contact us any time, we would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please browse our web sight
and we hope you enjoy our dogs as much as we do

All of our dogs are Proudly owner handled to their championships

Dolly is our first Bred By Champion

Intl.Am.Ch. Magnum's One Ton Speedwagon "Boss" OFA Excellent and the sire of "Freedom" OFA Excellent, Liberty Mountain's
Tornac's Spirit "Spirit" OFA Excellent, Mountain Peak's King Of Hearts "Velzy" OFA Excellent~MCOA Gold Health Award, Mtn
Peak's Coat of Many Colors "Dolly" OFA prelim's Good (My vet said they should come back excellent)

Boss's line has done it again, his daughters Dolly her son Magnum's Dark Side Of The Mountain (Boon) OFA prelim Excellent and
Mtn Peak's Harvest Haze (Hazel) is OFA Excellent, Hazel's son Bosco came back OFA Excellent, looks like the wonderful Hip
line continues. We are so proud ......
I have done a little research on Boss and his lines. I have found the lines from Butler to Derek to Ford to Boss there are
almost as many Excellent hips as there are good, Between the 4 of them their offspring have
23 Excellent's
29 Good's
and only 2 Fair hip ratings, also all have good elbows...... except for 1 grand daughter with DJD 2 in left but right is normal.
               Welcome to Mountain Peak Mastiffs
                      A Home of Multiple Brindle Champions
                                     "It's a Brindle Thing"       
Breeding For Excellence One Generation at a time
        Dolly 3 months                                                  Dolly 13 months                                             Dolly 21 months
All pictures are the property of Mountain peak Mastiffs,  
no copying or reproduction allowed with out written consent
                                                              *ANNOUNCEMENT *
                                                         We have a New Breeding!!!!
                                         Please see our breeding page for more details,
                                                     and to view the puppies pedigree
                 We have a new BRED BY CHAMPION!!!! Payton became a champion on March 29 2013
                            Thank you Mrs. Polly Smith for the WB/BOW from the bred by class
                                                                      Payton is our 2nd Bred By Champion
         Payton 3 weeks                                                     Payton 16 months                                         Payton 2 years